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    So! I found a saw!

    I found a totem that was abandoned and it had a bunch of stuff in baskets around it that I could use. There was a saw in there so I grabbed it and started using it. Well, It wore out today. I am now without a saw. My long journey begins of scav'g through the piles to see if I can find some old saw blades.

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    Did Really good tonight! I found 4 Old saw blades and about 15 schemes. I also found some Horseshoes, Pick Heads , Knife Blades and some handles. I raised my Scav. Skill 11 points tonight. Still going to go for more blades though incase I have alot of faliures while making my saws.

    Oh I also got this one scheme. Its a Scheme: Potamac Axe Saw. Kind of weird! Speaking of weird I found a damn gold club! LOL!

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    Good Job Axechucker! Sounds like you're getting along just fine To avoid losing your new blades you may want to grind some less valuable tools for a bit and get your tool crafting up to around 25 before trying your hand at the saws. Until then you could also contract a neighbor to make a couple of your saws since at higher level crafting they could make a higher quality saw that will last much longer, and you have the most important part, the Old Saw Blades.

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    TY Willow!
    Yeah I'm going to grind my tools up before I use the blades. I'm playing this game as a one man band but I did grab a shovel off os a person named Siriius so I could do a bit od Terraforming. I didn't need to do much since my place has been flattened already by a former player.
    Working on some more Scav tonight! WOOT!

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    you mean higher dura not Quality.....your welcome

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    No I meant a "Supreme Quality" Scrapper saw versus a "Low Quality" Scrapper saw which has higher durability due to it's "higher quality".

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    Went out scav'ing again tonight. I Lightened my load a bit so i could move faster which turned out prosperous. When i Started scav'ing my scav point were at 33.2 ( I stopped the night before at 31.0 but woke up in the morn and scav'ed some before work which put me at 33.2)and now I am at 45.7. So lightening my load moved me a bit faster.
    Tonight while scav'ing I met another player that says he was off the game for quite a while (7 months). He asked me if I seen some carts around because he left his in the area and couldn't find it. I told him I saw 2 carts on the far side of the scrap yard and I lead him to them. One of them was his LOL! He said it has been sitting there since January! LOL.
    Tonights bounty was excellent. I got maybe 25 schemes. 3 Bone ones, 2 arch ones. The big one for me was the Forager Cart scheme and the scheme for the Wheel. Most excellent. I got 4 more Old Saw Blades tonight so now I have a total of 8 to work with.
    Tomorrows duty, raising forager skill and Tool skill. They seem to go hand in hand with the Weaver Scheme so I'll get started with that tomorrow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willowhawk View Post
    No I meant a "Supreme Quality" Scrapper saw versus a "Low Quality" Scrapper saw which has higher durability due to it's "higher quality".
    QL has no effect on Dura bro. Just saying. Its about the types of mats going into it. I understand you still dont know everything about crafting, but when someone that does corrects you. You might want to at least read into why he is saying it.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Hey Axe,

    I must say I enjoyed reading about your adventures on the junk pile. You got a way with words... keep it coming

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    Alrighty then! Worked on the junkpile just a little bit tonight. Nothing Spectacular came from it. Mostly looking for cloths of higher quality. Mostly raised my tool skill. I got it to 60 tonight. Not only that I raised my Leather skill and my Foraging. So , trick is now to get rid of all of my Poor Quality materials and get more Moderate and High Quality materials in its place.

    Exploring Side Note: Found an abandoned settlement above my place tonight. Didn't even know it was up there. So I go to snoop around and see 4 rev's hanging out. Funny because the one just has gloves on, nothing else. LOL. I took a peek and saw 5-6 baskets sitting up there. I wait for the rev's to split up a bit and I make a mad dash to the baskets. I open one up quick before they get onto me and I see a bunch of leather pieces. I wasted a bit of time looking inside then noticed the Rev's were coming at me. I haul ass off the hill and get down to the bottom. I set my Back Pack down and ready myself to run up there and grab it and carry it away from the revs. I rest up and get set and take off , I get to the top off the hill find the basket , grab it and down I go LOL. When I get to the bottom again I set it down and open it up and find a bunch of High Quality and Very High Quality leathers inside. Them damn revs were rich and I just robbed them! LOL!

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