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    Rev and totem spawn problem

    As per the tribe abandonment phase revs were supposed to spawn on abandon Totems by inactive players..

    Theres a spot near me where the player abandon there spot but still plays the game move there totem to a different location / zone...

    Sense this, Revs spawn on this location and because revs seem to group up with other revs when forced to move there is now 5 revs continually spawning on this area..

    It does not seem the system is working as intended...

    Revs are like moths to a light bulb drop a totem somewhere kill a few get them rest to move and the group up with other revs.

    IM NOT MOVING MY TOTEM FOR 6 HOURS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM, this area just happens to be ona junk pile and far enough away to be a pain in the arse and hope someone dont gank my area doing it...

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    Hello Lord,

    I pm'ed you in forums.

    Community Manager


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