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    The revenants batterfield!

    Hello Xsyonites!

    Today's event will be a funny/risky/reward event

    We will announce four zones, at North-South-East-West where you have to find a Battelfield event totem.

    Those four locations will have bins with good quality stuff,(schemes,animal parts, human bones etc.)

    There won't be summons or teleports.

    FFA PVP allowed!!

    And we don't want to listen to any complaint

    We will be ingame to answer any questions.

    So team up and good luck.

    The event will start at 12pst time
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    its a good PVP Event! ...
    is it forever and daily for all PVP Player?
    Please send me the Coordinates and Zone and i would settle Symbols in the HolyWar Map.
    But i am today for 8 days in Spain--->Ballerman ..
    i hope i have some ideas in the holidays to complete also the "HolyWar"

    Greetings Whorlok

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    Sounds awesome I wish these type of events was done more often......looking for a bin needs to be retired.

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    I'm glad you like the event, it won't be daily though but we will keep having minievents during the week and yes from time to time they can be PVP of course.
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