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    Seriously, isn't there any way to play a demo, or 5 - 10 days trial before ordering the game? That is realy bad bad bad for the promotion of the game. How could i order it from just seeing screenshots, videos on onther sites when i can't even try it? Sure i can do that for a mounth, but that mounth i pay for, so there's no trial/demo or anything, is it gonna be like that forever? The game sound tempting, but still can't pay for something i can't try..

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    THe problem is most of the stuff you will do, or can do can permanently effect the game world, Unless devs come up way a way to limit actions Trials can have a huge negative impact on this game..

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    the last update say's they are working on setting up the site/game for trials, so just be patient if you don't want to spend $40 to try it out.

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    A fair solution would be to make a different realm for trials, or, pay 15$ for one mounth, and after that, if you like the game and you get cought up. buy it, if not lock account. In my opinion, having trial, or offers or something increases the player database.
    I seriously like it from the videos, but i wanna try some stuff, see for myself to get connected, and im sure that like me are many.

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    Hello everyone,

    Yes, there is a plan to have a trial in a near future.
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