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    what would you like to get from a reward prize?

    Hello everyone,

    This is a place to post a list of items you would like to find in those reward bins from events.

    Rewards quality/rarity will be always proportional to the difficulty of the event.

    We will announce the rewards before each event.

    Good luck!
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    Supreme materials for crafting, including gold and titanium. Master tool schemes. Leather with better than 1.0 stats.
    Statues for tribal grounds. Unique items or gear - cool looking colorful stuff to wear. A bamati taba post scheme (lol).

    I am glad you will be posting the rewards now, I think it is more fun that way.

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    Yes I will post the tomorrow rewards in the event thread.

    For tomorrow event the winner will be able to choose a Master tool Scheme ,5 Spineback Coon Leather at +1.23 bonus and 500 supreme quality tiitanium nails.

    See you all there
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    For the new homesteaders and up and coming Architects, Gates are hard to come by. I think the Mason Heavy Gate, or the Scrapper Fortress Gate, or the Scavenger Western Gate Blueprints would be a cool prize.

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    I don't think there should be any Non Player created events at all, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by GuideMihr View Post
    supreme quality tiitanium nails.
    Can these be acquired(scavenged) in game without doing some GM sponsored event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeds_Dead View Post
    I don't think there should be any Non Player created events at all, but...

    Can these be acquired(scavenged) in game without doing some GM sponsored event?
    No they cant, and they keep spawning them in and really just dont care about the economy. I see no reason why players would ever want to scav for rare things when all the best items are from events and not just from events but in mass amounts.

    There was a basket finding event where the player found 5000 supreme titanium screws. I doubt they could even use that many in 6 months of play.

    To put it into prospective.

    5000 screws would make 42 suits of bone armor. Bone armor is the highest usage of screws in the game. Also armor takes months and months to wear out if ever. (I'm still wearing my same armor and I do a lot of combat after over a year)

    I'm glad they cut it down to 500 which is about right but, for a maze event? It takes what? 30mins to do this event?

    Ive said this before and I will say it again, its clear the guides and the devs have no want to fixing the economy in this game. Worse is this is coming from someone who has won tons of events and I'm still saying it, likely could go win this event to if I wanted to but another 500 nails? or whatever.

    Biggest problem I see with these events is few people playing, most events take almost not time at all and the rewards are way out of balance. I like some of the events, but most are just not really pulling people into playing.

    On topic.
    What I think the rewards should be? They should be choice items that the winner wants. Like a recipe, or piece of armor. Not items that players normally couldnt get through trade or crafting.
    Mostly these are valued more anyways as crafting is broken big time right now. Who knows when it will be fixed.

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    I dont remember a single hunt event bin dropping 5000 items of any type ,only architecture event gave more than 1000 stack items reward.

    If that happened it was a mistake.
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    Treasure hunt event, 2 weeks in a row.

    First week was 1000 screws, next was 5000. Fyrex won both of them.

    I just feel like the guides/devs have really no clue about economy and thus the rewards for items are so messed up. Its like seeing hard events and you win 20 very high quality coyote leather. Or easy events where someone wins choice recipes and supreme QL mats (FYI for anyone that doesnt know, you cant get supreme QL mats in game without a guide spawning them, not even with 150 stats and 100 skills)

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