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    Cool Darth Vader Breathing in Main Menu???

    I just bought this game today, it looks great...but I'm not sure if it sounds great. 3/4 of the way through the theme song you can clearly hear Darth Vader breathing. The song sounded fine as is and really didn't need this. Who thought this was a good idea? It's just insulting to us Star Wars fans who play the game, that you would steal that clip for your song. What is the point? Seems lazy. Would appreciate it if someone could enlighten me on this.


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    There wasn't any intention to insult star wars fans of course.

    It's like adding some "danger" and "fear" to the song since the game have risks, there are some zombie,creature evil sounds but we think it's balanced enough within the theme,not a big deal

    Tha sound can remind Dark vader but it's not.

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    Darth Vader, lol! I just assumed that sound was from a giant shadow bear snarling as he prepares to bite my face off, a snorting Mule deer about to pounce, or a Revenant fixing to steal my hat and spade.

    By the way Star Wars "stole" many of their sound effects, indeed most films and games use the same standard sounds, for example the patent "rusty gate opens/shuts" which is in ALL films EVER MADE.

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    I always thought it sounded like Vader. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Sorry for the necro post.

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