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    Considering..but not quite sure


    I've been watching Xyson for awhile considering getting the game. Recently the new revenant / totem update has peaked my interest along with some youtube videos that suggest its the perfect time to sub and give the game a go. I come from games such as EvE and DFO, along with many other themepark MMOs so longterm progression and challenging content doesn't scare me off.

    I've no interest in posts from players who don't seem to understand that the Xyson team is small with very little resources. Please if your planning to spit BS I've no interest and I simply won't bother reading your post so don't waste your time

    Is Xyson worth buying atm? Is the community large enough to support such a game which relies mainly player driven content such as trading, quests, world pvp ect.? I understand the concept of the game and I've watched enough videos to know what I'm getting myself into. Question it time to finally give the game a shot?

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    I've played EvE for awhile and played DFO to end game before the latest patches(when it was hard to skill). I bought Xsyon for the reasons you mentioned and am pretty disappointed so far. I dropped $40 on it so I am hanging in trying to see if I can keep playing it. I've met one guide that was helpful and there seems to be 1 or 2 people in global chat, but other than that not many people. If you are looking for DFO type and size combat, this is definitely not the game. If you are familiar with A Tale in the Desert, that would be my best comparison. So far from what I've been told, go find an open spot and build walls. In order to do that you have to scavenge at known garbage piles. Scavenging gives you a random items of the type material you are looking for so it takes hours to accumulate enough of the item you are looking for... very frustrating coming from the fast paced DF combat and gathering.

    On a positive note, which I have not explored much... joining a good tribe could make all the difference.

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