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    What is with Signs ? Cool Idea and mega Feature ?

    Small Sign - 2 Small Woodboard 1 Small Post 4 Nails
    Large Sign - 2 Large Woadboard 1 Large Post 10 Nails
    med. Sign etc.
    When place the Sign , u can write something on it. There is a limit. U cant place 100 Signs . In your Tribe is no Limit, outside 5 max.

    So, what to u think ?



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    I like this idea. To take it a little further, we would love to have a bulletin board to post tribe announcements. This would also be a nice addition for woodcrafters, since they don't get much love.

    Now let's talk about furniture...
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    Love this idea, and it has been posted before. Maybe once the suggestion section is up we can repost/bump it up.

    I think signs outside the tribe should be destroyable, and unlimited number inside your tribe or outside.

    To stem off the "But people will break the signs", that just doesnt happen first off few people do that. Also if people are doing that go stop them, or protect your signs or place them in a protected area.

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    Hahahah I sadi something about this the day in game.

    I also mentioned a use for those heavy ass street lamps that you scav up. Since we have woodcrafting we can make a pole so we could put streetlights in our Tribe areas. If you wanna be funny about it , Tame a hamspter and carve up a wheel to get it to power up LOL

    I also mentioned Salt Blocks to draw in deer. I'm certain if there is chalk there could be salt.

    Yeah Signs would be cool.

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