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    New Website

    Ok, I like the picture at the top, and the little license plate thingys are kinda cool. But I have some feedback to offer for my first impressions of the website and what I think could be better. I am sure others have differing opinions.

    1. Home page does not catch my eye and make me want to look further into the website.
    2. Much of the text is difficult to read, either because of coloring of the page and text, or small font, or perhaps just because the text needs to be bold. Maybe it is just my eyes, but I look at other websites, and I don't see this issue there. I don't like the fonts in the gray box on the home page either, I don't find it appealing or intriguing.
    4. Website performance is slow and laggy. The site loads very slowly, and so do all the screenshots. Even after allowing it to cache, it is still pretty slow. And I am in the states, so I am concerned that it is much slower for my friends and tribe members playing abroad.
    5. The Game page still shows a description of some other game... it talks about swords and sorcery. We don't have swords or sorcery, which is fine, but lets not make stuff up.

    I am glad the website is back up though, I was really starting to worry.
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    I also started to worry

    And I have to agree with River here. The website is absolutely slow - annoyingly slow really! I do not know what you did, to which kind of CMS you have switched, but something is off. Probably its the graphics - they should be smaller (in KB size) - For in in Europe it takes about 1 minute to load the front page! My connection is a 2MB/sec to the internet - so either the webserver is quite slow or the front page has a huge download volume (have to check that - I am no webdesigner so I am lacking the proper tools to check the download size of a page).

    It seems a lot of people lately switch to some more "Powerful" CMS systems, but those dynamic/AJAX solutions load very, very slowly ... I would love to have a "static", fast loading start page ... probably there is an option in the CMS to optimize some pages? That would be awesome!

    Some of the text is really hard to read (especially the one in the gray/black boxes on the right side) - good effort though!

    And I was hoping for the Wiki site (will hopefully come soon(tm))

    Edit: After the caching kicked in - the website provides a much more better experience - how ever personally I think that the "header" size (top part of the site) is too large.
    It seems that the upper 800px (or so) are static and I have to scroll down each time I click on a tab?!? I am never sure if something even happened. I use Firefox not maxed to my screen so its about 600-700 px that are displayed (vertically) - also Firefox/IE need some of the height of the screen just for the title/menue/URL/shortcuts ... so the size of a page I normally see without scrolling is about 650px.. (can not image how someone with a 1024x768 screen works really)
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