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    General Game Comments

    After some months play time i more and more see that DDT is right about lot of problems that xsyon have. Why dev. make a new webesite to get more players in while the game is far from finished is incomprehensible to me. Looks like the dev want to show more future costomers how bad the game at this moment is. Let fix most of the problem in the game before more people experienced xsyon and quit.. Get the economy, gear bonus, stats/skills, creatures, walking on shallow water, jump over a trench and much more fixed. Last week i stop 2 accounts because there are no challenges and rewards when you train up your toon.
    I will come back when most of the problems ar fixed.

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    General Game Comments

    Hello everyone,

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    While I agree with Kakary, I feel he has been to vague in his reasons. While I can not speak for him I can say why I left.

    The game wasnt meeting the cost to playtime value to me. It is a great sandbox, but it is still very incomplete. Its much better than it was a year and a half ago, but it seems as though development has stalled and seems to be taking an odd direction. More towards this zombieland feel, and less of the "Riverworld" meets "Emberverse" feel that the game had taken.

    The UI is clunky but manageble.
    The click factor is horrible, the game turns into a click fest quickly just to grind skills, even when your just building things you need or want it takes hundreds of clicks.
    Then there is the lack of an economy, the games economy is just lacking, several tribes have attempted to get it rolling but its just not happening with the current skills system. Why should I trade for anything when I can make it myself.
    More on the economy, there is no resource placement, everything is everywhere or within a few yards of you. I can get Basalt, Granite, Sandstone, sand, shells, lumber, scrap, water, fish, and hunt and dont have to trade for anything.

    I left for another game thats older, and has less development but is closer to what I wanted, and its cheaper. I wish Xsyon all the best, but I am afraid this is not my "Roma Victor".

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    Not trying to bash, troll you what so ever, being a Game Design UI Artist, when people say the word clunky it has always bothered me, and does not help Artist at all to what your talking about. So please explain this word a bit more "clunky" What are the issues that are bothering you?

    Explain in a little more detail than clunky, when I design something and hear that its to vague and alot of us are confused to what your talking about, I SEE alot of gamers use that but its to vague . I know they improved it, its not perfect I see what has been improved and they did a better job, and there are somethings that bother me, but I know they are a small company and they are NOT game breaking issues for me.

    Anyways didn't mean to put you on the spot, but Devs i'm sure would like to hear a better more clear reason to what the issue is for you then "clunky" That word can mean alot of things to gamers, and trust me I have heard 20 or more reasons to this, because I ask this alot when I design stuff and get different answers so thats why its important to be a little more clear to the DEVS.


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    Glass half empty / half full. It's all a matter of perspective.

    I am really enjoying the game. More than I've enjoyed the multitude of same-same MMOs from recent years. Sure, there's things that kinda annoy me at times in Xsyon, just like I get annoyed about things in WoW, or Eve, or Scrabble - but the enjoyment I get from the sandbox element, the nice people I've met, the constant danger, and the feeling that I'm able to make a difference to the landscape outweighs any of the glitches or the clicks or the random quirks.

    I try not to compare Xsyon to any other game, so I don't expect it to be anything more than what it is. If I wanted to play a game with NPC trade, or easy combat, or fast travel, or instances, or goblin vendors, or quests, or 'quick, rush to end game and zzzzzzzzzzzzz' then I would play those games.

    But I play this one, and I like it.

    I like gathering, I like the crafting, I like the grind, and despite the clicking of craft and the mind numbing levelling in terraforming (up/down/random) which can sometimes make me cry in rage, I still find it highly immersive and that moment when you finish levelling a plot of land and start to build ... it actually feels like an accomplishment. To me.

    Heck, I love the sight of 5 bears that I could never hope to kill by myself, and the occassional sling shot off the side of a mountain to my death hundreds of meters away. I love it when a revenant kills me and takes my gear, I love finding an abandoned trove of baskets with nothing in them except dirt and fish. I love the seasons, and the migrations, and the consequences of failure. I love the potential of what this game will eventually become, because there is so much to like about it now. Theres a lot of things I love about Xsyon, a couple of things I dont like, so on the whole I reckon I get my money's worth.

    I know this is just my opinion, and everyone has their own. Mine may even be tinged with a slight case of mental issues and OCD, only myself and the team of professionals in white coats will ever truly know. But I like Xsyon for what it is.

    I know it's odd to be positive about something. But opinions are like that sometimes.

    I just hope that Xsyon slowly improves, irons out the kinks, but never changes what it is. Cos what it is, is cool.

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    Hello Vaganza,

    Thank you very much for your feedback

    Yes, we are trying to make a unique game and a friendly community.

    We know there are still a lot of things to improve in Xsyon but with effort and support we will accomplish them .

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    I like Xsyon because of its quest for a shared persistant world. I do not do alot of game hopping, so I dont know about a lot of other games that have this feature. An open world, that you travel through without loading screens, that is shaped and formed by the players (and nature - at least for trees).

    I like it also to experience and find out about the negative sides of such a setup. Grass stripped regions, tree cluttered areas, tons of baskets and half finished projects, roads that lead to nowhere, areas with no animals and areas that are cluttered with them ... its all directly connected to this idea of an open shared persistant world.

    The game itself offers a lot of possiblities to play with it - beeing pushing a craft to its max. Finding new architecture shemes to build structures or just sitting at the lake and fish while watching the sunset/sundawn ... And from time to time you get scared by a shadow (just to find out its a tree branch) and then when you relax a devious pine martin sneaks up and kills you in 10 seconds

    I like the community and the slow paste of the game - and yes terraforming is a bitch - but the more you get used to it - the more you can appreciate the stuff that you and others have build. In that sense Xsyon is a quite good simulation of real life
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    Thanks too Tom,

    And hopefully it will be better and better
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    It took me a long time to get through this thread, but when I found out what it was about, I thought it was an important thread to read.

    The game has many defects, many things can be made better, some things need to be changed before it will be perfect, and alot more.

    The game is not worth what it cost, I agree, but the idea behind the game is.
    It is a small team of developers, make it an excuse every time a player feels no development happens is worng, when you think of what the game costs.

    But again I think the two people who make the game has webbing a really nice job whit this game.

    You can find fault in all games, so I can think negatively of all games, if I do, there is no game that can meet my requirements, and I might as well stop playing.

    The reason I play Xsyon is The game has a high difficulty lvl, by that I mean, If you want from A to B, there is only one way, that is running, there is no fast travel, like it.
    I feel I have an impact on the world, by that I mean, I can change the landscape by cutting down trees, digging holes, digging hills, build towns, develop them to cities.
    I love the idea that everything in the game is being developed by player, like tool's cart's building materials.
    I love the idea I can learn anything if I spend enough time on it, but the best way to start is to focus on one thing and then trade with other players.

    Yes the game lacks a lot a trading system, and in such a tybe games have such a system of great importance, so I hope the developers will focus on that.

    Everything takes time, you must remember it is a very small team of developers, so things take a long time.
    On that ground I understand some dont like the game, or thinks the game is too expensive.

    I pay to support the project, not to play the game.
    I have a team of friends who only pay for the game, thy dont play it, because the game is not developed enough to thy want to spend time in the world, but thy like me will like to suport the game.

    For them to join the game, the game need, armor stats, in numbers, not names, thy need a trading systems, when that is op alot of them will join the game.
    Some of them will like a bow to =)
    I am dyslexic, for that i am sorry, hope you all can read what I write.

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