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    Solitude: Evil PVP Tribe (Will opt for non-safe zone)

    Solitude is a PVP Tribe that will opt for non-safe zones to have access to better resources when the time comes.

    Evil Alignment
    Once the alignment system is working properly this will allow our members to kill anyone and loot everything without having to worry about alignment penalties. Being an Evil Aligned tribe does not mean that we are a clan of griefers, we don't bind camp, trash talk or go out of our way to ruin another players gaming experience. (we kill, loot and move on)

    Our Goals
    1. Build up our defensive city to withstand raids by other tribes, we will always be looking at ways to improve our defenses - if city/fortress design is something you are interested in we will always have building projects to work on.

    2. Provide a home for crafters, we will always be in the need of replenishing resources, weapons, armor, etc. - if you like to craft and want to be a part of a tribe that will always be in need of your services then you will fit right in.

    3. Be the very best at PVP, we will duel, practice and raid other clans daily.

    4. Provide private housing quarters for all our members to store your personal valuables. This will be done through the real estate system as our housing tax once it's in place to help keep up with who are active - Anyone that goes inactive, which we will know by your housing tax not being paid will have their personal items placed on the trade totem to be absorbed into the tribe and your house will be re-assigned to anyone that needs a house.

    5. To create a strong economy within our tribe using the trade abilities through the tribe totem. Members are always welcome to trade with each other by any means, however instead of operating as some tribes do where items are "donated" to the tribe our goal will be to create a reliable currency within the tribe using items of worth and need to assist in trading and building our economy.

    1. 18+
    2. Team Player
    3. Follow Basic Instructions
    4. Team Speak + Mic
    5. No unauthorized building/terraforming (there will be plenty of terraforming projects, however archetecture buildings will be placed and designed by our Officers)

    If this sounds like something you are interested in you can contact the following in game or you can send me PM on here with your questions.

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    good luck sounds fun, I normally i'm a neutral person myself, but I do play the Evil side from time to time.

    Have fun!

    Darkcrystal Community leader of Divided Allegiance

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