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    Looking for new / recent tribe


    I'm a week old now and I haven't seen one single player during this week.
    So I'm looking to start a new (ish) project (I'm afraid I might get bored in the middle of a accomplish crafter in a complete clan base :/ ).

    See you in game (hopefully) !

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    Hey shinefist, we're a group of homesteaders (means you get your own land to do with as you please instead of following what a tribe leader tells you to do) living up in 1016. We have a nice mixture of players that have been around since early beta days and new players. We're all fairly active and during peak hours you might see 2-4 of us on, sometimes more. We all live down the road from one another and there's plenty of room in our little valley for some more homesteads! /w Sativa in game, or reply here for an exact loc. I'll be on intermittently throughout the day today. If I'm not on, type /y to talk in global and ask if "anyone from New Hope in 1016 is on" and tell them I sent you!

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    I am kinda in the same boat as you Shinefist, I would get bored if I was riding Solo. Even having my own land around others would make it feel like I am solo.

    I play mostly Nights Eastern Time Zone. I use to play the game when it first came out and I am giving the game another chance now that changes have been made.

    If you play the same timezone and we can't find a tribe perhaps we can start our own.

    Stanley Cleaner,

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    Sorry for the delay!

    I forgot to update the post, I've found someone to create a tribe with but thanks for your offer Shaggy.
    Oh and CVIV4DOOM I'm sending you a private message in case you are still interested in a new tribe.

    A good game to both of you!

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