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    Question Can a player go at it alone in this game?

    As it stands right now, could someone who wanted to go at it alone place a totem and basically scavage/learn/trade and be self sufficient? I know eventually you can learn all the skills necessary to survive, but has anyone started from nothing and accomplished solo play? One reason I left the game was the fact that I really could not go at it alone because I couldn't ever make the things I needed.

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    couldnt or could not be bothered with the constant grind.

    Yes it is possible...but is it fun?... or for that matter worth the time.. then no in my opinion.

    This isnt a dig at you but is one of the core issues with the game in how all the crafting etc is a click fest, and is probably one (of many) reason the game has very poor player retention. My advice would be find a tribe or set up beside other solo players and enjoy the game that way if you are having trouble which i assume you are by starting this thread.

    The above is how i stayed ingame 1+ year and would have left earlier if it hadn't been for the folks i met ingame.

    The game as it stands at this time is just to play and do what you like the most and dont get bogged down trying to master a trade cos trade doesnt exist in sufficient quantity to make it worthwhile.

    If your a new player and just want to build a place/make a few tools/clothes etc then solo shouldnt be bad but if hunting and fighting revs was gonna be your thing then it will be a tougher ride with the combat issues.
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    Hello eyesgood,

    The answer is yes, you can solo play but it would requiere more time that way. Eventhough you can still trade if needed and with carts you can move a lot of stuff around.

    If you haven't been ingame for a long time you will see a lot of improvements that makes gameplay a lot better.

    Take a look at the patch notes to have an idea.


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    Defiently soloable athough I would highly recommend you find some nearby trade partners to help you. A cart at least is a must in my opinion, so you'll want to find someone who can make you one of those quickly or start working on wainwright asap to make your own.

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