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    Been a bit since I've played...

    Well, to tell the truth, I loved Xsyon. It was always the kind of foraging/survival game that I wanted. (Followed by DayZ)

    Anyways, I never really played past my free month after purchasing the game. My parents didn't want to set up a recurring payment and I kinda didn't like the fact that only a few people talked in global chat. ( =( )

    I keep wanting to come back to Xsyon, that little Xsyon shortcut is so agonizing to look at.
    If someone could please answer the following questions, please do so.

    1) How many people play Xsyon a day?

    2) If I don't have credits on my paypal account, will Xsyon stop the membership or continue and charge the linked

    3) Does Xsyon ever plan to have 1 month only payments (not recurring) and/or prepaid cards?

    Thanks a bunch.
    - Aediion

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    Hello Aediion

    About 250 people log on each day on average

    We have pre-paid time options, you don't need a subscription

    you can use paypal to add time,
    we don't have recurring on paypal
    so we have subscriptions and pre-paid time

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    Oh thanks Mihr.

    I haven't played for a few months, it must have changed a bit.

    Do you still hold player market things? I remember a while ago how all the staff would decorate it and me and a few others would steal all the free grass bundles you laid around...


    I originally quit on accident.
    You see, the guides were holding a PvP event, I got teleported there to spectate.
    Now, I had to leave halfway between it...
    Then I log on a few hours later, Im stuck in the middle of nowhere, and a whole backpack of grass thread. I couldnt move but for a few feet until I ran out of stamina.
    I kept searching for a guide to teleport me home, but I didnt find a single one for a whole week.
    I just stopped playing gradually. :C
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    Hi Aediion

    I'm really sorry to hear about your final experience with Xsyon. We have increased our support timeframes so you shouldn't run into that issue again!

    We have also made a bunch of improvements to the game and encourage you to read up on the patches/notes. To highlight a couple; Remnants which have spawned in place of abandoned tribes and our creature balancing to improve the overall combat experience.

    In regards to the Guide Hosted trade fairs, we have currently suspended these events.

    We really hope to see you in game again and can't wait to see you at some of the other Guide hosted events!
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    Hello Aediion,

    I pm's you asking some questions about that issue.

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