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    Referring system


    There has been lots of talk about making the game available for a trial version.
    I'd like to say that I wouldn't play this game if I used one. In my first two hours, I was lost, I died in a swarm of revenants, I died by a godamn rabbit, lost every piece of armors I had and cursed myself for buying the worst game ever. But then because I already paid for it, I tried a bit harder, and then I discovered the game true potential, and started having fun, lots of fun. I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but still, you can't offer such a chaotic beginning to people who haven't bought the game, so I thought it might be nice have an alternative and install a rewarding referring system. Something that will both reward the referrer and the new player. The referrer could receive an extended tribe radius for exemple. As for the new player I don't have any idea.
    But then if that new player has someone to help him through the game, and so skip those nasty first hours and cut directly to the fun part. This is why I think a small trial could be included to a possible player referring system.
    It's a source of players much safer than a public trial version that won't disturb the balance in the game.

    I haven't seen that anywhere on the forum, and through the search feature but if it was mentionned before, please tell me so I can delete it.

    Have a good game!

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    Hello Shinefist,

    Yes there was a hard time some weeks ago for new players since revenants nad creatures were not balanced enough.

    Now it is a lot more friendly,animals not attacking in packs, revenants cleared after dying from "blue zones" ,creature power reduced etc.

    when we start the trial I'm sure will be different for new players, sorry for the inconvenience and "problems" you had, that was a transition adjusting balance.

    Community Manager


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    Oh I thought this happened to everyone, my bad ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinefist View Post
    Oh I thought this happened to everyone, my bad ^^
    I think it was for the most part when Revenants first came into game, but like Guide Mihr said there has been many adjustments and changes to make it easier for new players. Plus if I remember correctly I read something about when the trials come out players will be able to start on founders island if they choose.

    I do like the referral idea, a lot of games offer some kind of reward for referrals but I would guess that would be something for the distant future. Good idea though.

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