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    New and looking for tribe.

    Hi! I'm new to Xsyon, and looking for a tribe to join. Preferably one that lives in a single camp/base/what have you. My in game name is also Floppee so if I'm on feel free to message me or do so here on the forums. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Floppee

    Welcome to Xsyon! Syndicate Tribe currently has two positions available and we'd love to have you! You can whisper me in game as Donar. Alternatively you can whisper Hogitha or Hartley!

    Our main tribe is our living/crafting area. We also have a hunting lodge. So let me know what you wanna do!

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    Sounds good to me, when will you or the others you mentioned typically be active?

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    I'll be online in about 10 min and I'm on throughout the day. Hartley is online early afternoon PST.

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