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    German Player search Community


    I am 33 years old and locking for a german Tribe.

    My english is not the best but like Lothar Mathhäus english i can talk. hehe

    i hope i can get friends and help in a community here ingame.

    i love to build big things for peoples and with peoples...

    contact me here pls....


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    Wie ist dein Name in Game?...falls du unseren Clan joinen willst gibts INFO und Bewerbung hier: -->XSYON
    Wir haben im Game bei Charerstellung einen direkten Startpunkt wo Du direkt bei unserer Stadt startest!
    Der Name unserer Stadt ist "A Better Tomorrow"

    Greetings Whorlok

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    Hi m8.

    I have a neutral pvp tribe.
    We are not evil, we use pvp as another way to gather resources on, we can see there is a new player or a player with no resuser on themselves, do we not attack.

    We have a TS to, you can join, if you are like me, better to talk english then type it.
    You dont have to be a member of the tribe to join the TS, i send you the info to it her a mail.

    Than you can join it, talk to me/us and see if we are cool=)

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