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    Talking Hello all from Australia

    Hi all,
    My ingame name will be Jasper, my forum name is obviously Zylian, my real name is Nick, and I'm new here. I got told about this game many months ago by a guy from my village in Wurm Online. I got bored of Wurm Online, and after many months, finally decided to give Xsyon a shot. I figure, once the game goes beta (or whatever the next stage of development will be), everything will be on a level playing field AND I will know how to get myself to the front of the pack. Well at least that's the theory.

    I have played quite a few MMO's, but I have never played World of Warcraft. I hope to keep it that way.

    I hope to meet lots of you in game, and pool my recipes with yours, hopefully I get some ones that are in need!!
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    Howdy, Zylian. Welcome indeed.
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    Welcome, hope you will like Xsyon
    I am dyslexic, for that i am sorry, hope you all can read what I write.

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    Hi Zylian,

    welcome to Xyson.
    If u like sandbox it could be very addicted!!
    Cya in game

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    Hello and welcome from Austria!

    PS:no kangaroos here :P, mozartkugeln, walzer and wiener schnitzel though
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    Hello Nick,

    welocme to Xsyon

    See you ingame

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    Welcome Zylian! Raven Moon has 4 Aussies in our tribe, so make sure to come and visit us! We are at 696 450 950. If you need any help or supplies, feel free to /w Riverspirit in game.
    ~~~Riverspirit~~~ Raven Moon Spirit Guide

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