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    mighty quiet here

    It seems nobody is posting here any longer.

    What does this mean for the game?

    How many people are actually playing it now?

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    Hi Oak, how are you doing.

    I see players posting now and then, so I don't quite follow you. But if you refer to the more dramatized debates whether who has more right than the other, yes, those I havn't seen at least for 14 days or so.
    About how many that actually play I don't know. What I know is that there are usual more than you see on global chat which is quite busy at times.
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    Hello Oak,

    I guess some players just don't use the forums unless they look for ingame info or suggestions and a bug section if they found something wrong.

    Other players are waiting for patches and so on. Ingame is quite pacefull and players are enjoying playing atm.

    I would say around 300 players are playing in and out.

    We will have that trials soon and kickstarter project ,so that means we expect a slightly increase in number of ingame players soon at least.

    And the possibilty to increase the features and game improvement faster.

    Nice to see you around

    Community Manager


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    I browse these forums every day at work looking for new posts so it just depends what timezone you are in. I agree that there are usually a bunch of people talking in Global chat in game and I have several Tribe members online whenever I play in the evenings.

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    Hi Oak, I was up in your area yesterday wondering if (when) you'd be coming back. We currently have 10-12 tribe members logging in game regularly. Of those 8 log in every day. Some check the forum regularly, but rarely post. I think most people prefer to spend their time in game rather than in the forum. I know my game time takes priority over the forum so I usually post when I'm at work Plus we have our own forum and voice chat, so there's that too.

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    Hi Oak,

    I see lots of new names on the global chat - so people are playing the game. It seems that MrDDT as the "driving" force of the forum has stopped posting (or does it less frequent). Also if I remember correctly the forum was mainly used by like 5-10 people - mostly argueing about some stuff or just plain complains.

    Most of the stuff is now going on in the global chat, mostly questions about game play and hunter parties and sometimes requests for carts

    It seems people are very busy to go through the stuff/buildings of deserted tribes - and they are normally quite successful in grabbing all nails (I do not find any when I go through the stuff of deserted tribes)
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    Still here, but not posting because nothing really happening.

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    Still here, lurking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mactavendish View Post
    It seems nobody is posting here any longer.

    What does this mean for the game?

    How many people are actually playing it now?
    No idea how many that play the game. All I can say is that Im taking a break from the game with my 2 chars. When crafting has been revised and things like "Camoflage, damage bonus, resistances etc work I might pop in again to see how that affects the game. I really would like cooking and archery to be added before I come back, but the other things would be enough to lure me back for a while.

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    I check in every so often, but no longer play as I find that I enjoy Starquest Online more. That and I am in 2 betas and just dont have time or energy to devote to Xsyon. I still hope it will get better but I find it harder and harder to check in the more I get involved in SQO.

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    Mac get back to your totem! How ya been ?
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