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    New player from Puerto Rico

    Hi I am a new player from Puerto Rico, I am looking for people who speaks spanish, or a noob-friendly guild.

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    Hi Yccorde and welcome to the game.

    I cant help you whit a tribe there speak Spanish, but i can help you whit a noob frindly tribe.

    My tribe is in zone 979, you can see the zone you are in when you ingame and press (M).
    Here is a map so you can see where you are, and what way to go.

    Just ask for Fushaums tribe and me or one of the members if online will inv you if you like to join.
    I am dyslexic, for that i am sorry, hope you all can read what I write.

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    Hola yccorde,

    I'm the Spanish guide,

    Tenemos varios jugadores que hablan Espaņol

    You can ask ingame for "Gotagorda" player for example.

    If you have any doubt pm me here in forums too.

    Welcome to Xsyon!

    Nos vemos en el juego!
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