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    Exclamation New Player quits before ever playing.

    This game does sound like my kinda game, I played Wurm for months, on month two I discovered it's true exploitation of making people pay a subscription then pay for additional features and then offer unfair advantages to players by paying even more. For that I quit, canceled subscription and have no desire to go back. So, my point is, I don't want to gamble 40 bucks to buy this game to hate it.

    So there needs to be a trail version, restrictions can be made to control trail players assuming the devs aren't complete morons oh yes there are devs who are, which I consider are the ones who ruin great games by adding moronic features. So 2 years after the server goes live, is from what I can gather...the trading system is a total failure, possibly due to lack of players. Believe it or not, a trail version would swell player base and should offer game as a free download, reason being is that it's the subscription they should be after not the initial sale to people who will hate the game and hate them for taking their money and whomever they talk to will give bad review of a good game.

    As it stands I won't buy this game without knowing what I'm getting myself into, it's easier to play a different game that you can know. Oh and this game was hard to find they should do something about that too, I found it completely by accident and unless you know the exact name it doesn't show up on many mmo sites.

    Sad truth is I believe this game will fail, reasons are at this point, no trail version, no marketing of the game, poor website design, extreme low player base. features on the game needs more description like I should NOT have to search through the madness of the forums to look for skill descriptions and basic details. New look yeah...still sucks. So Xsyon has given me a bad impression already and I haven't played it yet. I wouldn't advertise this as being the new website look unless you have bragging rights. So makes me wonder if they can't put much effort into the home page, it prob goes for the game too. It is very important if not the most important aspect of marketing is appearance of your product to the public.

    Don't take this as me bad mouthing the game, I never once said it's a bad game, to me it looks great with some great features but I will never know. It's poorly marketed and has been since the beginning, first thing is first expose as many people as you can to the game itself. Do a search on sandbox games and this doesn't even show have to pay for that, it's advertising expense...

    So NO, I am not buying this game. NO, I will not be playing it anytime soon. Xsyon needs to get their act together! I seen posts about angry subscribers cause they paid good money and didn't get anything for it, in their opinion. This game isn't for everyone, and wasting 40 bucks on it is enough to make you post how much it sucks. So I leave yall with just 2 words.


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    Hello Rantul,

    We are going to start a trial soon as you can read about here. I'll also post part of it, so it's listed here in this topic for others to read.

    This has been another busy week for me: travelling back home to the US and making final adjustments for free trials and the coming Kickstarter launch. We're getting there and are gearing for a launch of free trials by the 15th!
    We are also doing a kickstarter campaign soon, which we are hoping will generate funds to increase development at a much faster pace, something I'm sure you are aware of about Wurm is it has but one server developer Rolf, and development has always been very slow because of that. We have more developers working on the game currently but as Xsyon has mentioned in his post:

    I've been quiet on the forums here most of this month but a lot is going on behind the scenes. As many of you know the development of Xsyon has two faces. For players, development often seems slow. For us developers, development is hectic and rapid, working night and day, seven days a week to balance game improvements with fixes and dealing with a multitude of issues that players do not see.

    I've posted before about our plans to raise funds to expand the team and eliminate this development dichotomy. This has been our focus in September and we are almost ready.
    This should help things be implemented faster and allow us to work on the features that everyone wants to see sooner rather than later.

    I know you mentioned searching the forum for basic details, there is a wiki for the game but some sections are lacking as we have a crafting update coming and those will be updated after it goes in. Here is the link to the wiki and I hope it answers some of the questions you may have and if not, please make a post in the general section of the forum and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the topics you stated.

    We are working on advertising and marketing the game to get it placed on more sites.

    I hope I answered all of your questions and concerns, if you have any more, please don't hesitate to post them.

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    Well that is all good news to hear, I have to say your quick response is not only impressive but unexpected. I am very eager to try out a trail, and thanks to Wurm I have very skeptical, and bad taste in my mouth I can't shake. I love a good challenge and a game with great diversity. I do hope you succeed in getting the game on more sites, by the looks of things a lot of great care when into designing it and I'd hate to see it not recognized for a true work of art. The only thing Wurm got right was their trail version limited players to skill of 20 out of a 100 so they can experience basic features but no way influence or have much to offer premiums. Their only complaint was new players would wipe out entire forest lol, no big deal after a couple weeks it wasn't even noticeable.

    It may be silly, but one of my highlights was planting trees and creating a forest. Sometimes it's just the little things that enthralls people. I hope to join Xsyon's community of players soon, birds of a feather... Many questions and/or doubts I may have will only come with actual game-play, but from what I seen and read on the forums the game has unlimited potential with it's already diverse opportunities for any style of play. I myself love to terraform over crafting and combat. By no means think any my criticisms are towards the game itself it really looks like a remarkable game I'd like to commit to, just have few animosities. Even with a trial version then having to buy the game for 40 via a digital download would still be well worth it for this genre of games.

    I do feel bad for comparing Wurm to it though, it's kinda like comparing the original Mario brothers game from the 80's to the Super Mario on the new HD Wii system being released lol. If that gives you any idea how much I both loved and despise Wurm explains a lot about what I have said.

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    Hi Rantul, Welcome to Xsyon.

    After you play the game for a few days I think you will better understand the difficulty they have in providing a trial in a game like Xsyon and why it has taken so long to achieve. Just my two cents but next time you might just want to ask rather than assume the worst (Though I understand your frustration, been there ). As you can see the Dev team and Guides here at Xsyon are great and very responsive, as well as the general player base and most questions get answered in very short time so ask away and hope to see you in game soon

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