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    how much untill trial account go live?

    how much untill trial account go live?

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    The announcement was for roughly at 07:00 Pacific time, which is -8 GMT.

    Edit: Actually it is available now. Am able to log in to the trial server.
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    Downloading the game now, looking forward to trying out the game! Very happy to see a trial.

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    Good move jordi

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    Hey guys, how do I download the game?

    I made an account on the website, click on "Order Now" and it says I do not have a game account and that I need to click on the link to the right to order an account.

    There is no link to the right and I cannot find anyway to download/buy/try this game anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Vadio View Post
    I click that link and it brings me right back to the account page I'm already seeing:

    Xsyon Account
    You do not have a Game Account.
    Please use the link to the right to order an account.

    Free Trial
    Play for Free on the Trial Server

    1) Download and Install Xsyon

    2) Patch through the Launcher

    3) Select Trial Server

    Trial Server data resets every Monday

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    On the right side of that page there is a download section. It shows the Xsyon download and the Xsyon manual download link. It is a bit hard to read as it blends in a bit with the background colors but it is there on that page. If not then I would contact support.

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    Server not Online right now it shows me :-/

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    This is literally the screen I'm looking at. There is nothing to the right at all. Please correct me if I'm wrong. This is how it shows up on both my personal PC and my work pc.

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