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    Sandbox MMOs DO work, just not all of them.

    I seen the post started by another person about how sandbox MMOs dont work, he is wrong. There are many different levels or types of sandbox games out there. And to say all will fail or dont work is like saying all Toyotas will fail because they are Toyotas.

    To set the record straight, Mortal online lost most of its population not because the game is boring or people got bored, they left because of bad programming skills and subpar patches that introduced more bugs than they fixed.

    Darkfall Online started off as a sandbox loaded with bugs, exploits and errors, but now they are about to release Darkfall2, which is ANOTHER sandbox. Ultima Online the longest running sandbox MMO in modern history is STILL running and is still mildly successful, which is why EA still keeps the servers up.

    Eve online which is by far the most popular sandbox game on the market has been running almost 10 years now, CCP is even expanding into the console FPS market with Dust514, and making another MMO based on the popular pen&paper RPG "World of Darkness" which may likely be sandboxish.

    Then there is The Repopulation which is due out in the coming months, it too is a sandbox game. Star Wars Galaxies is a sandbox game and still going, not run by SOE though.

    Hell one of the BEST sandbox games I ever played was Roma Victor, even though it was buggy, and missing a great deal of features, it was a great sandbox.

    As I said there are many different levels of sandbox games, some are simple and quaint like Mount&Blade Warband, others are deep and rich like Ultima Online.

    I may no longer play Xsyon, but thats because I dont agree with the price. Its just not worth the 14.99 monthly for it, when many games on the market in the "sandbox" genre are cheaper, or just better. Did I give up on Xsyon, no, before I quit I took everything I knew I would need to start over and anything of great value and stuck it on my character. So IF and WHEN I come back I have all that I need.

    And I am not going to be that a55h0le that decides that I will need to say the last thing then say close the thread.

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    Xsyon has a long way to go, but you can just implement:

    -ranged combat
    -sige sistem
    -rare resources

    to become better of:

    -Darkfall: a sandbox only pvp, in reality apart from the full loot, is not a sandbox.
    -Mortal: The best online 3D sandbox, but with many problems and things that CAN NOT be implemented because the graphics engine was not created by starvalut.

    Example: the felling of trees on MO there will never be

    Sorry for my English

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    Xsyon will rise again from the living dead!


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    It is nice to see you miss us so much Hodo! Thanks for all the stuff we pilfered from your abandoned tribe. Won't anybody in all those MMOs you DO like talk to you?

    Just joshin.. Luv ya Hodo
    ~~~Riverspirit~~~ Raven Moon Spirit Guide

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    SCREAMS HODOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! lol

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    The price is fine at 14.99.
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    AR, theres a tag i ant seen in awhile ^^
    The Praetorian Guards

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    Flame Baiting

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    Fine post on all points Hodo, but Mount and Blade WB is all about the mods, and cRPG is far from quaint IMO

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    I think we will see a renessance on sandbox games in the near couple of years, people discover more and more about them as they grow tired of the stale class/level/thempark games out there. I think we have a big pool of thoose tired people wanting something more than what games like WoW gives them.

    As one whos been recruiting for my corp in EVE for the past 2 years, I definatly start to see this trend. Its usually rough for thoose people to come to a game like EVE, but they all tell the same stories of how class/level/themepark doesnt do the trick for them anymore.

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    Truth be told Xsyon is the best sandbox out there. The only thing that any other game can say is better is combat. Ranged combat needs to be learned with technolocical advancement which we haven't gotten to yet. Yes, Xsyon needs alot of work but no other game has a much sand as Xsyon. Even DF2 is adding thempark features and roles but DF never was actually hardcore, people like to say it was because of FFA loot, but that doesn't make a game hardcore. They have a lot of features that dumb down the game and shouldn't be in a sandbox game.

    I wish Xsyon would grow and get more money for development because the game is great and better than any other sandbox out there even with the issues it has. I just can't sub until we have a large population in the game. I was going to play DF2 but I don't think I will since they made it even easier than DF.

    I can just wait for Pathfinder online I suppose.

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