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    The Great Founders Maze Round 4.

    The Great Founders Maze Round 4. 2012-10-19

    Greetings Survivors!

    This coming Sunday we reopen the Founders Maze once again, so that everyone and anyone can participate, and be in for a chance of winning some prizes!

    The object of the Maze is to start at the Entrance, run through to each of the 4 Check points and collect an item from each of the Guides inside them.
    Once you have all 4, make your way back to the Entrance to hand it in at the finish line.

    When you have completed the Maze you will receive a prize.

    A few rules to comply with...
    No PvP (Its on founders so we shouldn't have any of this).
    No Looting
    You must only enter the Maze once told to do so by a Guide.
    You must collect all 4 items from each of the Guides in each of the Checkpoints.

    Players can and will be teleported to the Event and back home once the event is over, or you have completed the Maze.

    The Event will take place on: 2012-10-19
    Time: 12pm PST

    We hope that you will all join in!

    See you there!
    Community Manager


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    Thanks for the event. Was new to me with that maze ... good lay-out. Thanks to Dang for being a fantastic spectator and getting rid of the deer in the maze, heh.
    Hartley, you got lost again Good to see you there though.
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    Hi sev, yes it was fun

    I thought you were kidding when saying it was new for you ,but then I realized you were right

    Thanks everyone for comming!
    Community Manager


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    It's Monday and we had a WONDERFUL event this past Sunday in Xsyon. Survivors from all around came to take part in the Founder's Maze! Players went this way and that way trying to find their way to the finish and claim their prize! Alas only 3 victors could be crowned.

    3rd: Odric
    2nd: Viashivan
    1st: Laurentious

    Wonderful prizes were won and all participants had an opportunity to take out their frustrations on some of Xsyon's wildlife!
    (No real animals were hurt during this event)

    Thank you again for your participation!

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