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    Direct download or torrent for the client?

    is there any link for client?
    tried to download with the launcher but it is dropping connection and download speed is 10-30 kb/sec.

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    I don't believe there is any torrent or alternate download site Hamudon however there are two download servers. One is a US server based in Chicago and the other is EU. Did you try them both?

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    yes, tried both of them.
    EU is 10-30 like i already said, US is droping connection without transfering even 1 byte.

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    I went through and download the data files from the US server and I was getting 360-420 kbps. This is probably on your end, all I can tell you to do is use the EU server but everything is working from my test of deleting my data files and re-downloading them.


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    what is update server ip? anyone?

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    I can't even find the client/installer to begin with.

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    Top of page where it says "My account". I believe it should be there.
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