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    Scrapper BP's Wanted

    Hello, I'm currently looking to trade for or buy these BP's


    2x2x2 Platform
    2x2x4 Platform------GOT IT!
    2x4x2 Ramp
    2x4x2 Ramp
    2x4x2 Platform-------GOT IT!
    Corner Floor
    Corrugated Floor
    Hangar Roof(regular , Not the 8x8)--------GOT IT!
    Concrete Post
    Picnic Canopy-------GOT IT!
    Pipeline Post
    Smoke House
    Box Tent
    Shed Roof----------GOT IT!
    Shed Roof 8x8
    Freeway Wall**** this is most important ( I have the Corner Wall)

    Leave a Post here if you have and would like to trade and a list of what your interested in.

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