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    Cool How long wil my post Survive!

    i give it 2 hours. Yes despite my pc malfunctions, having a blast ingame and Willow, your friggin city is insane, I LOVE IT!. Shows wat you can do in a true sandbox! How many besides me recently came back from RL, or other games to find a boat load of fun waiting for them and got that fun back from xsyon that they once had lost?
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    The Wurm community isnt as bad as some sandbox communities.

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    Welcome back fatboy Nice to see more returning players. And thanks for the compliment. I hope you got to go inside and have a look around but as of late with the animal migration we've been keeping the gates closed. Of course you can jump in over the fence in spots out back

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    ive yet to leave ur area :-P. log on in to chat :-)
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    What is the point of this post and its link? So we can see if another sandbox games mods will remove your post cause your talking about this game?

    This is pretty childish and I would think would be breaking the forums TOS and should be removed.Even if its not somehow breaking the the forms tos its in poor taste as your trying to make them look bad if they lock or remove it but your really just making us look imo please grow up.

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    Actually Unclean, this post helps to promote Xsyon as well as Wurm to other Sandbox players. I think it was a great idea. If you read the Wurm post you would have seen that Wurm already approved the post.

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    give me a break he just wanted to see if they would remove it as well and posting the link here is him just saying look what I did like its funny or something.

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    actually grumpy i wanted people to check out xsyon as i know alot of them have yet to see any of the new stuff ingame. Aratig tried to do this but they locked his topic, So i made a new one and reworded it. As for the thread title, Sure i was curious of how long it would last over there as they quickly locked aratigs. You always gotta be so damn grumpy ><.
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    I 100% understand now and not even going to bother because its pointless.

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    Locked and banned but Enki did leave it than deleting it but still pretty extreme. That is typical though on how it goes with staff though even if you post in the right section...

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