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    Xsyon: Halloweens End

    Halloween is quickly approaching and Xsyon is ready!

    We will be hosting Events throughout Wednesday and Sunday!

    Planned Events:
    Tribe or Treat, PumpkinHead's Stonehenge, Trick or Cart, Jack'O Rabbit, and Guide-and-Seek!
    A few Prizes:

    Haunted Helm, Helm of Sorrow, Victor's Haunted Helm (Grand Prize), Scrapper's Cart, and Misc Rewards! Be it a trick or a treat! You will have to play to find out!

    Times: PumpkinHead's Stonehenge will be hosted at 12:00PM and 8:00PM PST on Wednesday and Sunday! (Bring Weapons and Armor!)
    Additional Events will occure randomly to give the most players a chance to participate.

    We hope everyone has a chance to participate in the fun!
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    oooooo... can't wait.

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    Hello Survivors,

    Thanks to everyone that attended the two events we held today. We will hold two more this coming up Sunday, so if you missed out make sure to attend for a chance to loot your very own Haunted Helm.

    Here is some screen shots of tonight's event.

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    0.o awsome shots, might i say i look good XD
    The Praetorian Guards

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    Indeed great screenshots. Good event.
    "idk looks like snow to me" Unclean
    "Only a game would assume I'm that stupid" Azzym

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    More screenies from Weds event

    Hello Thanks everyone for taking part

    Community Manager


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