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    So tell me the truth!

    I have watched this game for a long time now. It has been through it's ups and downs but it also is still up and running. I have to know is it even worth it to play the game. I know the game is fun and will get better for this there enough players for the game to exist as it should? I don't want to run around playing Minecraft the Xsyon version. I want to have battles and tribe wars when it gets to that point.

    So tell me the truth is this game going to ever make it? And is it worth it to get back on?

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    Worth is what you make out of it and what you compare it too. Depends on the eye of the beholder. Try the trial, perhaps.
    But if you're looking for large scale battles between tribes, I think you would have to wait some more: those are rare.
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    I did log on lastnight for the free trial and it was refreshing to be in a true MMO with freedom. Probably had more fun doing nothing that I did leveling to 80 in GW2. But my concern is population to make it work and why this is still so under the radar. Even though there are issues with the game yet the gameplay is superior to anything in many years except for DF. FYI..Gameplay is more than just combat for those who you going to point that out.

    I would pay to play and have always wanted the game to be successful but if the population is to low there is no reason for it. Even when some posts on MMORPG or other sites people just flame it because that don't understand the game. They think they should log on but be a bad ass with a house already and not have to earn anything.

    I am just torn because I like the game and the tribe I was in is no more as far as I know. I think Xsyon is even a better game than DF or the new DF: UW but the population in UW will be larger than Xsyon so there will be more to do because of that.

    I want to play I want to be in a good tribe and I want to have fun advancing technology and doing a tribe war here and there.

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    takes time to advertise, this game isnt well known yet, but the more people chat about xsyon and spread how much fun it is, the more chances of new subs.
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    Well the offical release of the game there was plenty of people who logged on and where playing. Seems like there isn't that many interested any longer. Props to Jordy to working so hard and continuing the try and make the game he desires. I know we don't want a large population but there still needs to be enough to fully enjoy the game. Maybe I should just on the main server sometime this month and check it out and see what is going on.

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