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    Any active good tribes out there?

    2 people looking for a active good tribe to play Xsyon with. Looking to explore all elements of the game and just have fun in a world free for us to do whatever we wish.

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    The Preatorian Guard is recruiting, stop in to 896 and check it out if your still interested.
    The Praetorian Guards

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    We've got plenty of room for more people but we're setup on outer walls now and clearing the middle of the tribe to work out a central area. We have plenty of public storage as well for storing tribe tools, armor, weapons, and materials for crafting.

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    Sweet I will look into both these tribes. I should be on tomorrow night if I have time or Sunday. Weekends are pretty full for me.

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    If you are looking for an active tribe but want the solitude of the remote mountain regions we have a large active tribe in 696. We will be doing our weekly hunt this Saturday starting around 7pm central if you would like to tag along and meet the tribe. There will be 7 of us but we can fit in a couple more

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