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    Thinking of buying

    I'm on the edge of buying this game. 40 dollars is a lot to shell out for an mmo account first off... which concerns me. Also, I've heard bad things about there not being any asset destruction or pvp, not that I'm a huge fan of pvp, but there has to be a reason to build, no?

    Also, I hear the population is nearly non-existent. I'd want to join a community of a decent amount of people. I hate being alone!

    I come from mortal online, I'm used to buggy hardcore sandbox games. This one has a lot less bugs than mortal as far as I can see so far, but it just seems like most of it is pure grinding. I had to make a macro within one hour of playing to save my hands from the clicks of grinding tools.

    Convince me!

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    totems decay atm when the subs run dry, the current pop is fairly active, yes tons of grinding, point of building to rebuild the world and have fun, Also Macros are against the rules and not allowed ingame, Hope ya join, but hope ur willing to work hard for wat ya get.
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    oh. if macros are against the rules probably not... I am not sacrificing my hands for a game, far too much clicking to gather things and make things, little ridiculous imo

    I work hard for what I get, I just will not sacrifice my physical well-being -.-

    things like autohotkey, just constant right clicking is the kind of macros I use

    the fact you can't farm is a huge turnoff and oddity to me as well..
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    Hello jjmc,

    Leveling skills ingame is not that hard, and as you get more skills like foraging your gathering times decrease and it is a lot faster, having your drink or hunger bars balanced makes action drain less energy. In my opinion what is funny and people enjoy is the procces to build (which has advantages), gather stuff you need ,trading, etc. If you start playing anxious thinking just in an specific goal then you won't be happy imo. Read a bit more about the game in our tutorial for newbies or take a look at the wiki to have a better general idea about the game, then also read the next round of features in our "in development " thread under "announcements in forum.

    Main server is quite active and you shouldn't have problems talking with people.

    I hope you join us

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideMihr View Post
    Hello jjmc,If you start playing anxious thinking just in an specific goal then you won't be happy imo.
    I agree with GuideMihr on this one. I have been playing since May of 2011 with a short break for two months about a year ago. I would not have lasted more than a month if all I did was grind crafts with the goal of maxing my skills. The people I see who take that approach never last very long.

    We started with nothing and with the knowledge that I wanted to be able to play Xsyon for a very long time. So we built a homestead and we crafted what we could and traded (beg borrowed or stole) what we couldn't lol. I still have skills that I am working on getting to 100 after all this time. But what we have had is the wonderful experience of growing with Xsyon as it grows.

    I understand this approach is not for everyone. I guess it's all in your own game play preference but for me it's all about immersing myself in the world of Xsyon, and not about being the best or getting to the end the fastest. All that does is leave you with nothing to do. I think the choice is you can live and play in Xsyon, or you can try and beat the game. The first scenario is long term and can be very fun, the second is a dead end for most people.

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    The issue is not beating the game, it's getting what you need to deal with the game. I was attempting to get the saw recipie, and found there was no way but to grind toolcrafting. Grinding toolcrafting for a few hours to get a saw was the only option I could see to get anything done from then on. Still haven't gotten the saw, and I gave up.

    I'm going to try the game with a friend next week when the server resets, but I don't see how I could just bumble about the game if I don't have any goals in mind. My only goal was to build a pole, which I couldn't achieve without that stupid saw, or, for that matter, the stupid grass twine recipe, which drove me up a wall that I couldn't bloody get, despite picking and grinding so much grass. Luckily a guide gave me some grass twine, but the rigidity of the crafting system bothered me, telling me that I can't just use normal twine, it must be GRASS twine...

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    Glad you are going to give it a shot jjmc00.

    Just FYI you also have the option to buy or trade for a saw or a saw recipe from other players in game. You can also scavenge recipes from the scrap piles. It is all part of creating a supply and demand economy for items in game. Besides this is suppose to be a post apocalyptic world some time after is total destruction. No hardware stores on the corner to buy a saw

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