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    Brace yourself, winter is coming

    Hello All,
    I would like to propose a "Brace Yourself, winter is coming" add-on:

    here is the basic outline of the proposal:

    Right now, the seasons dont mean much: except that the fall seems to have more rain and in winter, the ground gets white.... Basically what I am proposing is to give a real "survival feel" to Xsyon by making winter a "thought" season:

    1- Snow should slow your character down. Not to a grinding halt but it should slow you down
    2- You should slowly loose HP if you are not close ( a certain radius) to a fire.
    3- All outside fire should die out if they are not built inside a tent or equivalent building.
    4- There should some kind of nasty mob that roams the land in the winter time; Wolves, winter Revs, I dunno, something that really entices you to build walls around your place to survive.
    5- Have blizzard storms, where it is really impossible to see (like the fog but all white)

    I think if winter became a nasty season like that, where people need to band together to survive: it would enhance the gameplay and force people to compete for resources to survive.

    I dont think it would be too complicated to implement those small changes, and I am sure the community would enjoy having a sense of purpose

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    I'm not really a fan of this idea.

    New players already have hard enough time other than doing this, sure it sounds great to have winter mean something, but without comfort in the game and giving new players a way to learn it without just getting upset, just isnt something I would put into the game.

    I think there is real content that Xsyon should be working on not something to just pretty much turn what little content we have into just a pain in the arse.

    I can see doing this maybe in some areas when the lands expand, to show those areas are more dangerous and living environment needs to be dealt with along with animals and mutants.

    Also we have this cool suggestion area. You have been around long enough to know about but I will link just in case.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Well this area is to talk about in game features or desired features... so I think it is at the right place. And I believe new players are already getting upset about Revs and critters. But yeah Id be happy if that was limited to certain zones too. Just saying there are not that many people in game right because there is not much left to do once you are done building your fort... Making one not all of them but one season harder to survive by would have been more interesting.

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    I would love to see the seasons have more effect on game play. I think some of this is actually proposed to happen at some point. Like climate and comfort. When comfort level drops so do stats and so will your hps, speed etc. Fires will eventually need fuel so again this is coming and will be needed in winter where as summers fires will only be needed for light. I love the idea of some special winter mobs just to break up the seasons a bit (especially wolves since they should be here anyway) and maybe even add a bit more danger in some seasons than others. Maybe wolves migrate out and return in the winter because the surrounding areas (green zones) get to harsh and they come closer in to the inhabited zones for food (people) ?

    And you are right to post your ideas and wishes here Koll, this is a discussion board. Please post away.

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    id be frozen solid since my homes all metal.... :-(
    The Praetorian Guards

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    hehehe thought Xsyon might cave in and this might happen:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    LOL good one koll
    The Praetorian Guards

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