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    i am disconecting every 1-2 minutes

    i am new player and when i enter the game, i am disconecting after 1-2 min, i have good conection, i play mortal online too and its ok.

    plz someone help me, what to do?

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    This may seem obvious, so I apologize if you're tried it already.. but I would first turn all the graphics options down to their lowest settings and see if that stops the crashing. If so, turn them back up again one at a time until you figure out which setting is causing the problem. Otherwise, you may need to give us more information such as the specs of your machine, what (if any) error message you are getting when it crashes/disconnects.
    --Guide Michael
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    no its not crash, its disconect. after that i get login screen. i tryed to lower the graphics but i think its not reason. i am still disconecting.... any ideas?

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    I moved this to genereal discussion, also you need to contact support here:

    Are you running any firewall software? Can you add xsyon to your exception list on your firewall? Are you using windows firewall? If so, add xsyon to the exception list.

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    i contacdet but no aanswer.... i havent any firesall software, windows firewall is disabled

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    help me plz...... what can i do? i want o play this game

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    hm..... i am now in Test server and everything is ok. dont disconecting. will be close this server later?

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    The test server only stays up for testing and does come down quite regularly.


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    Than make main server like test server, i am disconecting from main server. i saw on forums people have same problems about disconecting after 2 minutes after login. we cant play in main server and do something GMs..........

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    Hello bekacho,

    Please check your emails. Support emailed you and has been waiting for your response.

    There is a lot more data on the main server than the test server. If you are disconnecting on the main server it is likely due to a slow connection to our servers and large data packets being dropped or blocked by something on your end.

    Please provide the requested information to Support and we will do our best to resolve the problem.


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