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    2nd Sunday Trade Fair!

    It's another beautiful day in Xsyon and time to announce the next event!

    Due to the success of last Sunday's trade fair, we will be hosting a second trade fair on Founder's Island. The times will be 12:00PM and 6:00PM PST. Bring your goods and be ready to do business! It might also behoove you to bring your Dollars and Coins!

    We are going to attempt to limit our involvement in relation to hosting the trade fair. We would love to see Players host these events going forward with Guide support. Please email myself if you have any questions or requests!

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    We will be running a few lotteries at the end of the trade fair. The cost is 1k currency "Beer tabs, bottlecaps, pennies, quarters, dollar bills, and buttons" you can buy up to 10 number picks per drawing. If you are the closest to the number I have randomly generated from 1-100 you get your choice of a gate, saw, or shovel recipe, if you pick the exact number you will get two choices. Second closest will get a choice of a red, blue, grey, or green shirt.


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