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    You can not tell someone to not come on here and not insult you and in the same breath insult someone else.Yet if im the one your calling a " lapdog " I have no idea what your even talking about.

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    This is not directed at any one person, please keep personal comments about others to yourself, lets keep on topic.


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    Well, It would be simple enough to recreate the exact trap/pen elsewhere, lure an animal into it, and then see if they remain for more than 24-48 hours.

    If it is simply a matter of the layout, then great - we can all keep pets. If it's more a matter of the character name on the totem, then perhaps we have a bigger problem.

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    I do not like the trapping of animals tbh I would prefer to run around hunting them then locking them up and just letting them kill me over and over its boring and I would like them to say 100% yes or no if this is legit to do or not.The reason I even did this as its my first time trapping them was more of a test to see and know what im talking about when I give my thoughts on the subject.From what ive seen and done in a short amount of time that yes you can still trap them without going poof and if I wanted to I could trap the whole freaking zones animals in just a homestead.I started to do that at first to show how far I could really take it and why imo people shouldent be allowed to do it.Maybe down the line with some kind of sys in place for it fine but not as is.

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    LOL And I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if anyone is interested.

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    I told mihr a month ago what i was doing please keep your personal stuff to yourself.

    And I also told them how I was able to keep them from porting out and I hope they fix it. Your Welcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willowhawk View Post
    LOL And I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale if anyone is interested.
    I think I missed something. Do you believe he cant trap animals or is there something else?

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    You may notice an icon on this thread that looks suspiciously like a lock. In fact its just a number of pixels that resemble the shape of a lock.

    Why is that peculiar jumble of pixels there you might ask?

    This topic has crashed, burned, and has no hope of recovery.

    Oh, and now that I think about it, yes those pixels that look like a lock, are in fact a representation of the fact that this thread is locked.

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