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Thread: Kickstart

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    Quote Originally Posted by zookeeper View Post
    They had kickstarter two years ago? Kickstarter wasn't around during that time. Two years ago was then and this is now, completely different as this would be considerably more funds if the goal is met.

    Not sure what you consider "considerably" or maybe I was lied to on how many preordered/bought the game, but I dont consider that considerably more.

    Anyways like I said, I hope they get it. We will see if enough people support it like the fans like you that can bring it up to 250k$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wazcool View Post
    znaiika, did you read the kickstarter? Ur much loved feature of a pvp & pve server is included in the pledge
    Yes, now I am happy that many more people whould be able to join Xsyon, not just some.

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    Ok, I pledged. I am happy to help this game.
    If Xsyon gets close to their goal, is it possible to increase your pledge at the end of the drive to help them get over the top?

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    You can manage your pledge on the kickstarter page and just bump it up higher if you want.

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    Excelent page / video on kickstart

    But believe xsyon lost alot credits in market
    because i see this scenario 2 year ago

    I think if game become ONLY B2P without Subscription(and ever year you buy expansion pack)
    Or Only Subscription model (4,99 usd per moth util game or less util game get 1/2 features promised)

    can be great without Damage game
    Not personal but xsyon in mmorpg scene , alot low.
    I love concept and still look updates
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    Congrats on the new Kickstarter campaign! Good to see things moving in a positive direction and the future. =) So much potential is in this game... I hope the funding is hit because with what you've done with the limited resources you've had... I can't wait to see what happens when you're funded properly. =)

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    So will the Xsyon Apocalypse be a patch avail to the current players ? Would we have to buy a new game account for it ? Will Xsyon stop all the development-patch on this current version ?

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    Best case scenario you are looking at many months to see X Apoc a reality even with the funding goal met.

    @DDT I know I was a pre-order on 2 accounts.. so IMO the funds were there at one point. Maybe other issues were mixed into the pudding though.

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    I like the new prices for monthly costs. I may resub again one day, when I have more time to get back to it.

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