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    Crafting without materials in hand

    Is this a bug or intended? I am able to craft items without actually having the item.

    For example. To craft the rubicon mask I need 2 plastic pieces. I picked these up and applied them to my crafting screen. I then realized I needed a screw to finish the mask and placed the plastic down on the ground. Walking about 40 feet away from the plastic I found some metal and my screw and was still able to use the plastic I placed in the craft window although it was not on my person.

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    Re:Crafting without materials in hand

    Im not sure I am reading this correctly, let me jump in game quickly and I will come back with my understanding.

    I couldn't do what I wanted to do in game so let me post what I think you are saying and hope that it is what you mean.

    You place the plastic in the craft window, and realise you need another part, and drop the plastic pieces you had on the ground - likely because you needed the four empty spaces.

    Getting the item you wanted you put the new metal item on the craft menu and craft it.

    My question to you then, is did the craft process the item and remove the plastic from the game world?

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    Re:Crafting without materials in hand

    I do not know if the material was removed. What I find odd is that I wasn't anywhere near the plastic laying on the ground but I was able to still use it in my recipe.

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