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    EVENT: PVP "Free the Ambassador"

    A Better Tomorrow Tribe (Zone 700)will be hosting this weekend on Saturday the 15th December at 8pm GMT (2 PM Central, 11PM Pacific).

    Around the city of A Better Tomorrow

    What should we bring to the event?
    -Nothing...complete naked without weapons (Whorlok distributed Armor and weapon)
    - one thing you need--> a empty Bascet
    - ONE GUIDE needed

    2000 Nails

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    GLOBAL WARFARE start in 2,5 Hours!..
    Log in and prepare for fight over city "A BETTER TOMORROW"

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    The first war have won the BLUE ARMY!(was hectic---> now all understand the rules )
    The owner of the Territory and the city "A Better Tomorrow" is now "GOD OF THE WATER---BLUE ARMY" look also on the actualy "Battlefield map "

    Here a bad video quality from the FIRST TESTWAR and the RULES!The next wars now more clearer and all the people understand the Event!
    The action begins at 2hours and 37 Minutes in the video

    Here any pictures of the starting global war in the inner core of the city.The BLUE ARMY is here the owner of the "AMBASSADOR-in the Black Armor"!
    The third "GREEN ARMY" was in this conflict over City "A Better Tomorrow" not there
    But the time is coming and the "GOD of EARTH- GREEN ARMY" is ready for the fight!
    All the ARMYS now train her fighter and tactic for the next coming "FREE THE AMBASSADOR"

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    In the next Step of "FREE THE AMBASSADOR" a new element is coming to the event!
    Our Guides (GODS of RED/BLUE/GREEN Army) now invitet to the War! (now they have also fun)

    If any army in the event is to strong in the war the loosing Army can call her GOD (Guide) after loosing THREE ROUNDS!

    Follow Things they must doing after THREE ROUNDS loosing:

    1.Step: all the fighter pray (EMOTE) at the startpoint of her team on the campfire--->(short message in chat for the guide)
    2.Step: shortly after this the GUIDE are invited to the team and respawns by the player
    3.Step: the guide (GOD) now fights with the same ARMOR PIECES and without WEAPONS for his TEAM/ARMY
    4.Step: The GOD/GUIDE is now also a mobil Respawn point for his Army and can call dead player from his army directly to him back

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    Great PVP event! Thanks anyone for comming

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    Looked like good times, I'm sorry I couldnt make it.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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