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Thread: New Aussie.

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    New Aussie.

    Hi, my in game name is OlliePop im from Australia, i herd about this game from a mmorpg website decided to have a look. The many life skills interest me, i havnt really played a game such as this before. I hope to make some friends and be here long term. Not sure what else to say.
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    That's about as much as you need to say It's Perfect!

    Welcome to Xsyon and we hope you have a great time. Feel free to ask any of the guides or players questions. We're a great bunch!

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    Hello Olliepop, welcome to Xsyon. If you need any help in game /y for global or /h to ask one of the guides. We'll be more than happy to help, also we have a wiki for the game here:


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    Hello Olliepop and welcome to Xsyon, have fun!
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    Welcome to Xsyon!
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