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    Lightbulb Greenlight Program

    Has the option of attempting to get in via Steam's greenlight program to a bigger audience been pitched yet? If so, I seriously think is should be attempted. There are games that literally look like one guy crapped them out in a night getting the greenlight approval. With that being said I do not see why it would be difficult to get Xsyon approved if we all just voted for it once submitted.

    From what I understand and have just checked myself, it costs $100.00 USD to make a submission into the greenlight program. I don't see that as a massive financial undertaking.

    "Before you post your game or software to Steam Greenlight, you must agree to the following:

    You own the rights to sell the game or software you are posting, or you have specific authorization to represent the developer
    You agree to the terms and conditions of the Steam Subscriber Agreement
    Additionally, you agree not to post any item to Greenlight that contains the following:

    Someone else's game or software, unless you have specific authorization to do so
    Porn, inappropriate or offensive content, warez, or leaked content
    Cheating, hacking, or game exploits
    Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke
    Games or software using copyrighted material such as assets or intellectual property without permission from the owner
    Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals, racism, or discrimination"

    Those are the only specific rules I can find about submissions into the program. There could be unseen complications that I don't know of, but after playing a separate niche game like Xsyon (I'm talking about Perpetuum) and seeing it get the greenlight. The generally tough part is just getting together with steam staff to make sure the game becomes steam compatible. Regardless, I thought I would pitch the idea, take it for what you will.

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    Hello Camistal,

    Yes, this has been considered and we are preparing to apply.

    You are correct, the most difficult part is changes required for Steam compliance.

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    omg! that is awsome to hear!
    The Praetorian Guards

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    Steam would work wonders if the game is ready.. You might consider that update to crafting in game before you apply formally

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    This is really good to hear. I just didn't see a thread about it, so I thought I would start one. Awesome.

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