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    Questions For the Developers 12/01/2012 - 12/18/2012

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.
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    when will we see scrapcraft and scrappers carts?

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    I have a question; why would anyone want to back a project up on Kickstarter that has high system requirements, feels very unpolished, and as of when I quit PvP oriented. I hate PvP and I no longer have a computer that can run the game because your game is so unpolished and I have access to 2 6 month old HP computers that don't even meet the requirements. Do you really expect to hit 250k? I hope not because I certainly don't think it should.

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    That last post is funny.

    To the questions:
    1) Are there any plans to make scavengeable items more limited in-game in order to force more trade and interaction between players and tribes?
    2) Are there any plans to not have newly planted and spawned trees make new saplings and perhaps also not able to harvest resources from them?
    3) Is there any estimated time on when logs not under roof will have a decay timer?

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    1) Will we be able to transfer ownership of constructed structures?
    2) For homesteaders it would be nice to be able to set usage permissions on gates similar to the lock features on canopy. Is this planned for the future?
    3) Many of us have alts, good friends or even family members we play with. Will it possible to designate people on your firends list as siblings, parent or other significant family member and provide that as a separate permission group for exisitng lock/permission mechanics?
    4) Regrowth of grass, forest floor... is there an eta on this? I know there are issues to be resolved for this to work correctly however is this on the list of items to be patched in soon or will this be delayed pending kickstart success?

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    1- have plan to add any sctruture decay? (to keep everyone login or dont made big castle without people to keep in?)
    2- Like know plans to made people keep login without pvp or pve
    3- Possibility to tribe archive one big goal ( no just big castle or city , because all here do same , i thing one unique )
    4- World Boss? or any other group stuffs can need cordinate group to build/kill/craft or whatever
    5- Just more structures and ruins from "old world" or start call this game "4000 A.C Game"

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    1) Will there be an ETA for when we are able to build a farm or tame animals to breed them?
    2) Will the animals contain special stats or conditions like some are more durable against weather or sickness?
    3) Will we be able at some point to destroy existing fireplaces not covered by Totems?
    4) When we are able to breed and tame animals, do we have to feed them and will chickens leave eggs for us?
    5) Any ETA on planting grass? Or a possibility for terraformed regions (the grey area's) made green again?
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    In addition to the above:

    Are any plans relating to be able to pledge beside Kickstarter for Xyson: Apocalypse via Paypal on the main page for rewards? (Be it same like in the Kickstarter or different)

    I'm asking cause as European player without Credit card it is difficult to pledge over Kickstarter.

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    @Zola: get a credit card - and you will never ever have to leave your home again, to buy something Seriously you should speak to your bank employee about a credit card - it is quite useful and not so expensive (unless you want a "gold/senator" card) - eg mine is free of cost and included for my bank account.

    -) Have you tought about pushing the reputation of Xsyon at the different mmo/sandbox oriented sites? From my point of view you have created something quite unique, there are an awful lot of sandbox projects currently in the making (but not running) - however Xsyon unique "selling point" is that it *is* running (not a promise) - it is (for me) the perfect example for a sandbox game - and it is not a *promise*, but reality. I do not think that the small dev team is a down point - it is what it is - and beeing open about it will get you more sympathy - the problem I see at the moment with the attitute ppl have towards Xsyon is: "Too many promises, not enough furfillment" - probably the "ideas - plans" sound too much like promises and you have to be much more defensive about them

    Please work on "cooking" - I think cooking would be a perfect craft - you could even try to start with decay on the cooked items - so that you get some experience how decay could be realised in Xsyon - would be just a small number of items you would have to decay - and you would get some numbers about server performance issues with this field.

    Food that gives a small timed buff (depending on the receipt) - you already have that feature with "rain" ... Please state your plans towards cooking? Thank you very much!

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    1) I noticed that Mutants as well as Revenants do not seem to grow beyond a certain size/HPs unless they make kills. Is this working as intended or should Mutant animals be growing on their own?

    2) Any plans to give us a "Duel" mode? This would allow tribes to hold tournaments within our tribes as well would allow people to compete without being sent back to their totem when they lose.

    3) I thought I read somewhere that the free trial on the main server is only going until kickstart ends, is this correct? If not would it be possible to have some designation on the totem showing status as trial or subbed account? Without this it's hard to know who is contributing to tribe size and in fairness the available building space should be reserved for those who are contributing to the tribal territory.

    3) In addition, are there any plans to enhance the tribe totem interface so we know when a tribe member joined and when they last logged in? This would help with allocating tents and living quarters, building permissions on tribe land and when to retrieve an abandoned cart among other things.


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