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Thread: Patcher?

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    Thumbs up Patcher?

    Thought i'd download and give it another go. Same problem now as a year ago. Patcher keeps dropping back to login at random intervals. Anyone have this happen to them?
    Ok if you've time to piss away waiting by the pc but most bastardly inconvenient if you want to set the download running overnight.

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    Hi there - can you check a couple of things for us please? - Firstly make sure Xsyon is allowed or unblocked through any firewall or anti virus software you have installed. Secondly, is the Xsyon folder installed to the default location? This is under Public Users, Games, then Xsyon folder. If it is installed elsewhere the UAC may prevent it from writing to certain files. If that is the case you can turn off the UAC in your control panel.
    If you still have problems let us know.


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    Also - can you confirm you have used the new launcher? - not the one from a year ago - the new launcher is available from the 'my account' link at the top right.

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    fyi... not had any issues with the launcher dropping out. Always worked fine and these days the speed is also pretty good. Around 1.5mb a sec all the way from hong kong

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