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    just started playing, but want to be part of a small tribe

    Im a pretty active American player looking for a small developing tribe. im pretty casual and i catch on to stuff pretty quickly. im hoping for just a handful of people with big ideas for a tribe.

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    Maybe Mbuqtu is for you. We're a small tribe, looking to grow, still developing the ideas, but we're starting to form a big one. As for catching on, we'll have no problem bringing you up to speed, and you might even know things we don't. hah.

    /w Camistal to talk more and possibly get you into the tribe.

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    Just started playing as well. Once I get a handle on the controls and whatnot, I will likely be looking for a group as well.

    And welcome Mentalhealth.

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    Welcome to you both Mentalhealth and Jetcutter. In game there are many veteran players that can help you get started. Just use /y to chat in global. There are small single player tribes (homesteads) with vets that offer goods and supplies for a days work. Not to mention help you on your way. A tribe right out of the gate is great for some... while others might want to go it alone for a bit and learn the game and explore, then decide which tribe to join. Just offering some ideas for you.

    Good luck, and welcome again to the most amazing game ever!

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    And I appreciate it.
    Have only looged about an hour so far. Basically looking around, seein how skills and interface all work, a little exploring.
    Prolly take another look around this evening.
    Also I can confirm, with repeated use's, and total certainty, That the command: /unstuck, works.

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    You Guys are more then welcome to join my tribe if you havent already joined one. We are in zone 861 and are just starting to develop witch would help build up your skills and is what you are looking for. we have plenty of supplies and are looking to expand in the near future. contact walieo in game or reply here

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    If you are looking for a more well-established (and stable) tribe, I'd recommend checking out Raven Moon. RM is located in 696 and has quite the tribal city going. There are 4 or 5 active members that have been playing Xsyon for years, and they are certainly willing to help out new players.

    I joined RM a few weeks ago, and it has been the best decision I've made thus far in Xsyon.

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    Is always looking for more Zone 861 POS 190/900, We are always willing to help...

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