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    Multilevel story buildings

    I know this game ws not built for multi story buildings, but i would love to see a system that creating multi-level is there. Possible having to create scaffolding around the building in order to create levels. Having the scaffolding be different material and be made out of certain materials also possbile hard to walk on. Creating a bit of realish to the game and make the building of cities better. If house building and public buildings we a bit easier i think it would make new players have more of a interest in the game. Also having cities look amazing as many already do. The time it takes to make a building would be signifitly decreased. For now once a multi-level building is built, it will most likely never be redone. I look forward for having a bigger population. With that having a better building system would much improve the game and attract more people.

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    Hi Leanson,

    My understanding is that multi level buildings are in the plans but we probably won't see the architecture for these for a long time. Xsyon is an evolving world, and as the post apocalyptic people of Xsyon evolve, so will their skills in building things like larger buildings and big cities.

    In the mean time (In the truest sandbox fashion) players have discovered their own way of building bigger, better, multi story structures that have now come to be a trade mark feature of Xsyon. I wouldn't trade this for anything. It's not easy, but it's not as hard as it looks. Like any game, the better you get at the game the easier these things gets. I love the creativity that building in Xsyon offers. And players continue to create new and unique structures that still amaze me after a year and a half of playing.

    I have learned some great techniques from other players and share my knowledge of building with anyone who is interested. This is one of the great things about Xsyon. Player created content that we can all be proud to share with other sandbox players.

    I don't believe making building easier is going to attract more players. For me "Easier" just means people will do everything faster and get bored when they do not have anything left to challenge them.

    If you would like some pointers on building (not to infer you need any) please feel free to contact me in game or on the forum. I wouldn't have been able to build the things I have built without the input of other players experience.

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    Well written Willow! I am truly amazed, what can be achieved in Xsyon with some commitment.
    And "easier" would just reduce the "ooh" factor and the worthiness of multistory building ... When I wander around and see the amazing structures build by players, I also note the amount of work that went into the building - that part is just essential.

    Don`t make it simpler! However for some parts/structures it would be nice to have different constraints - now that Jordy knows how players are doing the multi storage building, he could rethink and rework some of the architecture parts, and also think about the constraints he introduced? Open up the possibilities for things that are currently "forbidden" ...

    What do you think?
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    knowledge of bugs an glitches new people dont have, multi story building should be for all to make not just people that learn how to drop or whatever its the reason for so many abandoned projects and ugly terrain.

    Walls going on top of a wall it collides with ( x wall is in the way) instead of collision

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    Any new person with some guidance from some of the older players can achieve the same for their tribes. Ask in global or here about methods on how to do current multistory buildings without it being in the game yet.


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    I am looking for a video or some advice on how you guys are able to make these multistory buildings.

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    This is Video by Amitola of Rainy River Tribe. One of the best videos I've seen on creating multi level structures. This video is more about how to drop pieces from above after you have dug out the dirt below, not about the terraforming itself.

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    How do you build upwards like you have already and get no ground under your city?

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    You build from the top down, it takes planning. Use dirt as your scaffolding.

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    MrDDT explained to me that in ghost mode after you placed the building then go remove the dirt. thank you both this information was very helpful +2

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