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Thread: Logging in?

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    Logging in?

    I made an account and can loggin on the web site but how do i loggin in to the game it keeps saying incorrect user name.

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    Never mind i created anothor account and its letting me down load the patch the only thing differnt was it let me sign up for citizenship wich i did idk maybe a bugg...

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    I have same issue but not sure what you did to resolve it. I registered my account on the site and then it takes me to a screen to download the game and says I do not have a game account to click on the link to the right to aquire one and there is no link to click on. I have a account on the website but launcher does not recognize that one.

    Please advise

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    It may be issue with your PW, in example it wouldn't work with any special letters like @ or " as example.

    I couldn't login into the launcher either until I resolved that issue, passwords including special letters will do work fine on the website though. I hope that helps you out.



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    Did you solve the issue Frosty?

    let us know if you keep having problems you can email

    Community Manager


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    it would seem caps count on the lancher

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