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    Connection issues?

    Hey I didn't know where else to post this. I have downloaded game, got it running, created a character and logged in. I get about 30 seconds of connected time then it boots me back to login. I can login, select character and enter game, to get 30 more seconds and booted, the game never crashes or anything but just keeps sending me back, did I do something wrong? Is there anything I can do?

    Solutions I have tried.
    Dropping all settings to low or off,
    Reinstalling game,
    Restarting game,
    Restarting computer,
    Running only game on computer,

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    When it drops back to login, for me, its sometimes a bandwidth issue, for example, if I am downloading something, or lots of other people in my house are using devices connected to the internet. Is it possible this could be the case for you?

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    Well I thought it might be that so I closed all of my programs and that and still it did it.

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    this is old, but today i know during the 12 noon - 3pm stretch a bunch of us were being DC'd on a regular basis, it wasnt just one person, was a whole group =p

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