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    Architecture serious problem

    Hey all, i'm a free member playing with two of my mates (free members also ) and we are having heaps of fun! But....... this architecture thing is a major issue in the fact that you cant even build a single thing without being in a tribe, i understand that you want people to go premium and to join tribes but players who aren't in a tribe should be open to some architecture options. I might consider paying premium if it isn't a monthly payment ( please update me on prices and stuff ) But anyway i would just like some type of buildings to be open to solo players or something. Also is there a mobile payment option? (that would be very convenient for a lot of people.

    Kind regards ZaDocta

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    Hi Zadocta,

    I understand your desire to build but I think there are some things you are missing. One is that to build you need to be on level ground. To level you have to terraform which permanently alters the terrain of the game. Free or trial players many times come in and play for a day or two then leave. Can you imagine what the world would look like after a few thousand trail players came in and permanently leave dirt piles and craters all over the world? Already new players comment on all the ugly terraformed places you see everywhere.

    Also it is standard practice to limit game play with free to play options as it is really intended to give players a chance to see and experience the game before buying, rather than just a free game to play.

    I hope you decide sub and play the full version however in the mean time if you would like to join Raven Moon you can practice Architecture on tribe but you can't build a home unless you are on a paid account. In fairness we reserve housing lots for subbed players because the trial accounts do not add any size to the tribe territory.

    Good luck in game!

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    There is another problem with architecture, is that, it is leveling-up too fast.

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