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    Cart dragging while encumbered study

    My tribe mate wasnt sure how encumberance work while over 100% and dragging cart so i made this little study. The starting setting is that i am almost full with food and water, im dragging a 20 slot cart with full of empty baskets, im full of energy, standing on my tent (coords 644/767) and start filling my cart with x amount of long wood posts. (i happen to have lots of them and they weight a lot)

    So starting from 644/767 i fill x posts and start dragging until i gasp. I take the same route every time. Its rather straigh and flat, only one little dirt ramp. My water and food dont change much during this. Definetly not below 50%. I dropped an empty basket where i stopped and renamed it.
    I have 62,5 strenght and 66,5 agility.

    1. The first basket is found at 696/754. It says 135 posts.

    2. The second is found at 709/754. 111 posts.

    3. The third is at 733/752. 74 posts.

    4. The last one is at 797/751. 37 posts.

    With 36 posts in the cart i was not at full encumburance but very near.

    5. I tried same with 18 posts. About 60% encumburance. I ran past the last one and at least double further. And i was still at more than 50% energy. I didint have enough flat enough area to continue this study.

    If someone likes to give more or different info considering this i would like to hear.
    Shall i try more between 18 and 37 posts? Before the baskets are removed...

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    5.2. Tried again with 18 posts. I ran from tent two times to last basket and back. And to 715/752

    6. 27 posts. 85% encumburance. To the last basket and back and to 684/755
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    Summa summarum: after youre encumbured over 100%, your dragging distance is cut in half.
    Do you need more data?

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    7. 31 posts, 95 encumburance. Barely to the last basket and back.

    This is clearly the last post i make for now as nobody is interested.
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    You might want to break it down a bit better, like.

    125 posts able to go 50m
    100 posts able to go 75m
    75 posts = 100m
    50 posts = 125m
    25 posts = 150m

    I made up that data, but that's a much better format.

    Because your lines were not straight and you didnt test it with the same food, I'm disregarding all your data. However, just trying to give you tips.

    I know its better for me to drag carts way overweight than it is to make many trips.

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    Hi, I tend to also hugely overweight my carts and then use the drop - attach pattern to drag it up hills and even down the road. For me this seems faster than doing more runs with the cart. Depending on the distance and the number of runs you have to do - it could be wiser to do more runs?

    This drop - attach pattern only works out if you would have to do more than 2 rounds (I guess) - but normally my cart is either hugely overweighted or just as much as I can drag in one run. Anything in between does not really make sense to me.

    Good test anyhow - glad you are investigating this!
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