Heya heya wish i could change my name on the forums to that, if you can i surely do not know how lol.
I'm man of the land i'm currently in game and have been for 2 weeks now i had a friend who tempted me with the trial version and suckered me into getting the premium game in like the first 3 hours and i don't regret it. i've had tons of fun with the game and the very interesting community. I like the guide system, love the guides, i've had a few problems one where i created a hole through a bug and Lol let's just say i dug to china and if you fell in you died, not on purpose but something happened. i want to see this game evolve with the way it listens to it's community and players i think this is a pretty cool game. I currently am in a Tribe called Mount Mogadore with two other friends of mine SixBreastedMan and Pritz. we're kind of a close knit tribe, not saying we wouldn't want more members or anything but we're kinda cautious with the whole inviting system. If you're up for trading hit me up we've got a few things not much right now cause we're building all the time but we might have come across something if anything.

You can find me in the game.
Til Then Cya.