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    Posting this for an f2p player that contacted me through a PM

    Quote Originally Posted by zosti8
    I wanted to post a reply to it, being a free player, but I just realized that free players don't seem to have the ability to even post on the forums. I hope you don't mind me expressing my opinion to you personally, you may be able to take new insight from it or you can repost it on the thread for me, if you like.

    I would say that being unable to post on the forums quite the turn off for this game as well. Not being able to discuss and post ones opinion. I've checked everywhere and can't seem to find anything in the settings to send any sort of activation code and my e-mail account doesn't have an e-mail about it, even in my junk mail.

    The 30 skill points don't bother me as much, the inability to place a totem and set out a tent, that does bug me somewhat. I think that if I'm trying the game out for free, I should at least have a safe place to store my things and claim future land for a subscription, so a different type of totem, maybe a new kind of homestead space (space enough for a tent and a campfire) would be nice for free players so we don't have to worry every day about losing our things.

    I feel the current retail price of the game itself is a little too high, I know it has been lowered, but 20$ initially would be better priced and sway more people to at least pay for an unfinished game. I know that my husband wont pay for the game at all because he'd rather spend the 30$ on another game but I think he's rather frugal to begin with.

    The subscription fee is ok with me, 10$ a month is lower than the average and offers players to pay for two mmo's a month without breaking the bank. (I know I used to pay for 3 accounts on SOE's $30 a month for every game they had subscription.)

    Understanding the need for the game developers to pay for new things, like computers, servers and food, means that every dollar does help them, but a cash shop shouldn't provide a boost over other players. Even if free players play, hit the 30 skill cap but want more and need a way to invest, providing them with increased resource farming capabilities only seems to be asking for people to make farming toons on new accounts. We have gold farmers on other mmo's, I'm sure Xsyon would rather be free from such pains.

    A cash shop with aesthetic items, may be a better solution. I understand that people like Mr.DDT seems dead set on his opinion against cash shops, but he also seems unable to accept change as a person. Providing a shop with things like new wearable clothing (anything from a top hat and a monocle to the latest fashion from H&M) will provide a good incentive for people to want to purchase from the shop, without overall affecting the economy of the current player base. Though, these items would need to be limited to the player who purchased it only, if they were freely tradeable then the economy would be effected no matter what.

    Other items could include special textured items that are currently in game (You could have a spiked wall with blood splatters), new totem designs, placeable aesthetic items with no real use like forks and knives or a dreamcatcher to hang. These items would be highly prized to increase the aesthetic value and uniqueness of each individual tribe village. Even players like Mr.DDT would have a hard time resisting the urge to make his current place an expression of himself.

    Of course there is a catch, players would then demand the ability to create these items. So changing it up, instead of offering the items one by one, offer the chance to purchase schematics of this type. With the limited amount of schematics one can learn, it would specialize the item itself and make more tailors who do only dresses versus tailors who make only hats and make trading for that awesome tophat increase economy exchange. (Replace tophat with whatever aesthetic item that suits your fancy for more examples.)

    But I'm ranting now I think.

    To summarize. I feel the initial cost of the game is too high. The subscription platform is fine. The skill cap is ok. The inability to place a totem is not ok. A special totem for F2P would be good. A cash shop would be ok, limited to aesthetic items. An increased playerbase would be nice, but then the world would need to be larger to accept the increase. (The Xsyon Apocalypse project is a goal already in place.)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Don't let the Revnants get you!
    here it is

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    he has a good idea for small homesteads with no terraform for free players.


    it kind of breaks the game for everyone else

    death porting and such

    but its something that should be considered


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